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Stutschewsky's 13 Jewish Folk Tunes

Stutschewsky's 13 Jewish Folk Tunes
Jewish Music Research Centre
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Jerusalem, Israel
Contemporary Jewish Music

In the framework of the JMRC project dedicated to the life and work of cellist, composer, researcher and pedagogue Joachim-Yehoyachin Stutschewsky (1891-1982) we are glad to launch the sixth volume in the Contemporary Jewish Music series, 13 Jewish Folk Tunes, an online world-premiere recording of Stutschewsky’s forgotten work,  by cellist and researcher Racheli Galay and composer and pianist Amit Weiner. This early work from 1924 shows Stutschewsky’s exposure to Central European modernism embedded within a Jewish multi-ethnic scene that includes liturgical, para-liturgical and folk tunes of Eastern European and Babylonian Jewish communities. This release, available for streaming here, includes downloadable program notes on the genesis of this work, musical analysis of the composition, and an extensive biographical article.

Racheli Galay, cello

Amit Weiner, piano

Recorded at Givat Washington Academic College of Education, Mizmor Studio*

Sound technician: Itzik Weiss

Mix and mastering: Harel Hadad

Image on cover: Chagall cellist © Michael Edwards, reproduced by kind permission of Robin Aitchison and Sarah Mnatzaganian www.aitchisoncellos.com

* World-premiere recording streaming-only recording, not available for purchase here. Also available for listening on the JMRC YouTube channel.  



A 71-page booklet with detailed historical  notes, musical analysis, lyrics and more.

1 “Unter dem kinds Wiegele” – Beneath the Baby’s Cradle

2 “Der Rebe geht schon tanzen” (chassidisch) – The Rabbi is about to Dance (Hasidic)

3 El Jiwneh Hagalil (Lied der galilaischen Arbeiter) – God will Build the Galilee (Galilee Worker’s Song)j

4 “Schlof majn Kind, ich wel dich wigen” (Wiegenlied) – Sleep my child, I will cradle you (Lullaby)

5 Nahôn libbo is hujire – Aus der Sammlung von A. Z. Idelsohn (Gesänge der Babylonischen Juden, no. 193) – Whole-heartedly is the fearful believer (From the collection of A. Z. Idelsohn Songs of the Babylonian Jews, no. 193)

6 “Die alte Kasche” (Volkslied) – The Old Question (Folksong)

8 A Nigun on a soff (chassidisch) –  A Tune without Ending

9 Bulbe (Volkslied) – “Potato” (Folksong)

10 Chassidisches Lied – Hasidic Song

11 Zoock (Volkstanz) – Zhok (Folk dance)

12 Hebräischer Tanz (Original aufgenommen von S. Kisselgoff) – Hebrew Dance (Originally transcribed by S. Kisselgoff)

13 Kol Nidrei (Gebet am Jom Kipur) – Kol Nidrei (Yom Kippur Prayer)