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Yuval - Studies of the Jewish Music Research Center, vol. 5 - The Abraham Zvi Idelsohn Memorial Volume

Yuval - Studies of the Jewish Music Research Center, vol. 5 - The Abraham Zvi Idelsohn Memorial Volume
The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University
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1986 תשמ"ו
Yuval - Studies of the Jewish Music Research Center

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This entry is part of an online exhibit entitled: "Hava Nagila: From Idelsohn to Belafonte & Beyond," prepared by Eva Heinstein with help from the JMRC staff. To view the exhibit in its entirety click on the link above.


The fifth volume of Yuval, a publication of the Centre for Jewish Music Research, was dedicated to the memory of Abraham Zvi Idelsohn, the "father of Jewish music research." The volume is divided into two sections. The first, "Biography and Bibliography," contains documentary and bibliographical items related to Idelsohn's life and work. The second section, "In Idelsohn's Footsteps," contains fourteen scholarly papers related to Idelsohn's areas of research and interests. The first section includes an in depth annotation of Idelsohn’s Thesaurus of Hebrew Oriental Melodies prepared by Eliyahu Schliefer. His notes include several important references to the Hava Nagila melody published in both Volume IX and X of the Thesaurus.

This excerpt is taken from Eliyahu Schliefer's annotation of Idelsohn's Thesaurus of Hebrew Oriental Melodies, published in Yuval Vol. 5: The Abraham Zvi Idelsohn Memorial Volume. Schliefer details the contents of the ninth volume which includes Jewish folk songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian and Ukrainian. He also notes that Idelsohn’s collection, unlike other anthologies of Eastern European folk songs, focuses on the structure of the music rather than the text. Idelsohn collected the songs documented in Vol. IX from informants, and various printed collections of Jewish song. Hava Nagila is recorded in this volume, accompanied by the Hebrew text (# 716).