Sasha Argov

Israeli composer

Sasha (Alexander) Argov (Abramovich) was born in Moscow on October 26, 1914 and died in Tel Aviv on September 27, 1995. At the young age of three and a half Argov began to study piano with his mother, who was a music teacher. Although Argov dabbled in composition as a young boy, he never studied music or composition formally. As a young adult he worked odd jobs. Composing was a passion of Argov's, but not his main source of income. 

In all, Argov composed 1,200 songs for the Israeli military and civilian entertainment troupes (Chizbatron, Nachal). Argov’s style is typified by his close attention to the relationship between text and music. He labored to represent the meaning of the text through the effects of pitch, rhythm and meter. 

Argov was also a prolific composer of film and theater music. Some of his scores include: Rak lo beShabat (Never on Sundays) (film score), Esther hamalka (Queen Esther) (a musical), Shlomo hamelech veShalmai hasandlar (King Solomon and the Cobbler) (a musical), Hu halach basadot (He Walked through the Fields) (film score), Chagigat Kaitz (Summer Celebration) (a musical).

Talila Eliram