Yonatan Turgeman

Scholar of Israeli-Jewish song

PhD candidate in the Hebrew University Musicology Department, a fellow of the PhD Honors Program in the Mandel School of Advanced Studies, and an active musician ("Avodot Afar"). His dissertation, "The Science of Song in 'Pre-Academic' Israeli Musicology and the Problem of the Scholar-Composer," advised by Prof. Ruth HaCohen Pinchover and Prof. Edwin Seroussi, is a historical study of the musicological activity in Palestine/Israel from its beginnings in the first decade of the 20th century up until the formation of the first Musicology departments in the 1960's. His research is dedicated to issues of scientific approaches to the phenomenon of song as well as the interplay between creative musical endeavors and the formation of an academic discipline.

His book, "The Bridge is Dead: A Theory & Short History of Everyday Songs in Hebrew", was published in 2017 (Hakibbutz Hameuchad).