Verdina Shlonsky

Composer, pianist, essayist, and critic

Verdina Shlonsky (Kremenshug, Ukraine, 1905 – Tel-Aviv, 1990, immigrated in 1944), composer, pianist, essayist, and critic, was the only widely known woman composer of her generation. She wrote over 100 pieces, including symphonic works, a piano concerto, a cantata, chamber music, music for the theater, and many songs (Lieder and popular). Her orchestral works were performed decades after they were written. She also published many writings about music (comparable only to Stutschewsky and Boskovich of her generation), in Russian, German, English and Hebrew. She is also the sister of the Israeli author Avraham Shlonsky, who wrote lyrics that were often set to music by Verdina Shlonsky. 

Three Songs by Verdina Shlonsky

1. Zemer, lyrics by Avraham Shlonsky

2. Od Avo El Sipech, lyrics by Natan Alterman

3. Baderech Hagdola, lyrics by Natan Alterman

Rona Israel-Kolatt, Soprano. Hagai Yodan, Piano.

Live at the Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv, 2006.