Tsippi Fleischer

Israeli composer

Tsippi Fleischer’s (b. Haifa, 1946)  formal education encompasses music, musicology, and Semitic languages – all reflected in her works, where she is clearly following the first generation of Israeli composers in their quests for East-West synthesis. She has incorporated in her works far more Arab melodies, textures and rhythms than most Israeli composers, thus creating a renewed trend in art music. This is parallel to a similar tenor in Israeli popular music and so-called world music. Amalgamated with influences of Israeli folk and popular song, which she has been researching for over a decade, that trend is reflected in her works such as Like Two Branches (1989, cantata, text by Chansa, an Arab woman poet of the sixth century). Fleischer is a prolific composer, known and recorded in Europe.


Written by Dr. Ronit Seter