Tenoim (LKT)

This entry is part of the Lexicon of Klezmer Terminology (LKT). The LKT compiles a wide array of source materials that shed light on the historical and contemporary state of knowledge about klezmer music. Each entry includes a number of citations from primary and secondary sources that include or refers to the term in question. It also indicates whether musical notation or sound recordings are included in the source. By clicking on the bibliographic hyperlink at the end of each citation, you get the full reference.


“A long time before the wedding the discussions would begin between the in-laws, with the assistance of a ‘shadkhn’ on the arrangements of the wedding, the dowry  for the young couple and all involved... When they came to an agreement, the ‘tenoim’ (conditions) were signed... When the time to sign the tenoim approached, the klezmorim were invited to play... When the sign to play was given they would begin with a soft melody which got louder and louder until it approached its peak and then it became softer again and returned to the opening melody... When the agreement was signed the wine was poured and food was served and dancing began... the quoted song (and mus. ex. 4) were performed at this moment.” [Ritova, Lithuania, c. 1910s-20s]. Stutschewsky 1959, p. 155