Tekhies hameysim-tants (LKT)

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“... One of the most beautiful dances on display during this event is no doubt the ‘tekhiat ha-metim’ dance, or in popular language ‘tekhies hameysim tants’. A pair of dancers execute this dance the whole of which consists of a choreographic story in three scenes:...This dance is [divided] into three parts, borrowing three different melodies, the first section of the dance performed to the ‘doyne’ melody, which is also practically the melody of the ‘beroyges’ tants’ dance. The second section of the dance, performed even on the ‘doyne’ melody establishing sadness and crying, [and] during the third part the melody changes to an especially happy ‘doyne’ melody.” [Lag B’Omer, Meron, Israel, 1960s-1970s]. Fridhaber 1978a, p. 8