Talila Eliram

Researcher, Shirei Eretz Israel (Songs of the Land of Israel)

Researcher of 'Songs of the Land of Israel (Shirei Eretz Israel),' and of the musical cultural heritage created in Israel at the end of the 19th century that has continued to develop until the present day. In 1989, Eliram completed her PhD in Psychology at Bar-Ilan University. Her doctoral dissertation on the subject, “Familial variables and Peer Group Exposure as Determinants of Social Orientation,” was awarded the Shnitzer Foundation Prize for Contributory Research of Society and Economy in Israel. In 1995 she completed her MA in Musicology with distinction, with a thesis on the subject, “‘Songs of the Land of Israel’ - the Creation and Significance of a Popular Musical Repertoire at the end of the 20th Century.’” In 2001 she completed her PhD in Musicology, with the dissertation topic, “On the Music and Social Characteristics of the ‘Songs of the Land of Israel.’” Her book, which was based on her doctoral work, “‘Come Thou Hebrew Song’: The Songs of the Land of Israel—Musical and Social Aspects” won the Bahat Prize for Best Original Study Book in 2005. Today she teaches the course, “Songs of the Land of Israel - the Genre and its Development,” at the department of Music at Bar-Ilan University, and manages The Israeli Song Research Center at Bar Ilan University. Since 2004 she has produced the conference, “Who am I? Israeli Song!”