Shoshana Liessmann

PhD Student, Researcher

Studied Jewish Studies and Musicology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, graduated in Jewish Civilization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Topic of MA thesis: “Aspects of Jewish Musical Thought and Jewish Musicianship as a Reflection of Changes in the Cultural and Intellectual Patterns of Jewish and Gentile Society in the Italian Renaissance” (Advisor: Prof. Moshe Idel).Currently enrolled as a PhD student at the Hebrew University, Department of Cultural Studies. Her research topic is: “The Hebrew Lexicon and Perspectives on Music in Jewish Writings in 16th and 17th Century Italy” (Advisor: Dr. Ruth Hacohen).Teaches "Introduction to Jewish Music" and "Music in Israel" at Hebrew University, Rothberg School. Co-author of the exhibition and book “Klezmer - hejmisch un hip” (Gelsenkirchen 2002/ Essen 2004) in connection with the foundation of the KlezmerWelten festival in Gelsenkirchen.

Since 1997 research assistant at the JMRC, involved in various projects, e.g. the ‘Cataloguing Project of the Beregovski Collection’, ‘Oratorio Ester’, 'Music in Kabbalistic Literature' and the databases 'Jewish and Israeli Music in Films', and 'Music in Kabbalistic Writings' on the JMRC web site.