Shemonah-esreh tants (LKT)

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“‘Shemonah-esreh’ Dance”.“Tzvi Fridhaber, scholar of Jewish dance, Haifa, writes to us:... I was approached by Ms. Chava Verbah and she told me of two wedding dances that she recalled from her childhood in the area of Brisk of Lithuania. Her mother told her about a cousin Malkha that would perform at weddings and other family celebrations the ‘tants’ (dance) of ‘shemonah-esreh.’ The dance sometimes went on for close to an hour and succeeded in reproducing all the motions of an extremely pious Jew during the Amidah prayer... The entire prayer was performed in mimicry and in rhythm.” [Brisk, Lithuania, pre-World War II]. Fridhaber 1960, p. 30