Redl (LKT)

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“Redl.” Beregovski/Goldin 1987, # 86. (Musical notation included). 

‘A kozatske.’ Beautiful girl, come dance, as long as the redl whirls around!” [Tshudnov, near Vloyn, Poland, World War II]. Cahan 1957, p. 235 (#246)

“Let’s all dance a reydl!” [Warsaw, Poland, pre-World War II]. Cahan 1957, pp. 245-46, (#263)

“Other dances performed at weddigns in East European communities were:... Redl, Frailachs, Karahod, Hopke, vigorous circle dances done by men.” EncyJud 1971, p. 1265-66

“‘The first dance was a simple freylekh, similar to what we call a redl...” Friedland 1981, pp. 29-31

The Redl, Karahod, Hopke: Circle dances danced by men.” Lapson 1943, p. 461

Yekhides-tants -- Lubavitch Hassidim had the custom, that when a Hassid emerged after yekhides, meaning after celebrating at the rebbe’s (Lubavitch Hassidim called this yekhides), they danced in a redl with him.” Rekhtman 1962, p. 263

See also Freylekhs, Karahod, Rikudl and Tants-nign.