Opfirn di mekhutonim (LKT)

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“These klezmorim know many pieces: dance, instrumental works played at the table, street tunes (accompanying the march to the xupe [wedding canopy], leading the in-laws, etc.).” Beregovski 1937 [= Beregovski/Slobin 1982, p. 532]

“I composed ‘Rufn di kinder aheym’ (‘Calling My Children Home’) in 1992. It is based on the melodies of Naftule Brandwein’s signature piece, ‘Firn di mekhutonim aheym’ (‘Leading the In-laws Home’). His title refers to the function opfirn di mekhutonim, in which musicians lead a procession of a wedding couple’s families from their homes to the ceremony and then back again at the end of the celebration.” Bjorling 1996b, pp. 56-57. (Recording references included). 

“Non-metrical genres included wedding ritual tunes such as dobraden’, dobranoch, some of the mazltov tunes, kaleh bazetsen (in Belorussia), and opfihren di makhetonim.” Feldman 1994, p. 7

“‘Firn Die Mekhatonim Aheym.’ This classic hora is based on Naftule Brandwein’s recording.” Phillips 1996a, pp. 64-65. (Musical notation and recording references icluded). 

See Fun der khupe.