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Nuba of Gold and Light - Nuba d'or et de la lumiere

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France / Morocco
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The literal meaning of the word nuba is “taking turns.” This is the name given to a musical genre that developed in Morocco beginning in the 9th century. In reality, it is a symphony in which every instrument—violin, oud, rebab, voice—has its moment. This celebration is based upon scientific and spiritual ideas that shaped the nuba with a precise rhythm that acts upon emotions in a surprising manner. Izza Génini, who has been exploring various aspects of the life, history, and culture of her birthplace Morocco for nearly four decades, has been a JFF regular since our first edition. This year, she offers us a historical musical journey that touches upon the roots of her identity. The film reveals how the nuba was shaped by diverse influences: Berber, Arab, Andalusian, and later, Christian and Jewish liturgical music in Spain. She documents performances by the orchestras of Fez, Tangier, Chefchauen, Ksar al-Kbir, and elsewhere, introduces us to the musicians, their fans (including a weaver who explains how similar his profession is to that of the musicians), psychiatrists, and historians. The deeper Génini investigates the secrets of this bewitching music, the more fascinated we find ourselves by the rhythms, the melodies, and the voices of the traditional musical instruments. Along the way, we sample the splendor of the landscapes of Morocco and Spain, and like several of those interviewed, we too, will discover the relaxing and healing influence of nuba.<
> Prod. & Sc.: Izza Génini<
> Ph.: Jean-Jacques Mrjen, Guillaume Génini<
> 80 minutes, French, Arabic,Subtitles: English