Freylekhs fun der khupe (LKT)

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Fun der khupe (freylekhs).” Beregovski/Goldin 1987, #16, 59. (Musical notation included). 

“... While the zhok had already been transformed into several wedding genres... this process had not been completed in the case of the bulgarish, which had been employed occasionally to replace the older freylakhs fun der khupa genre.” Feldman 1994, pp. 10-27

“‘Freylakhs fun der khupe.’ This rollicking wedding march translates as Freylakh from the Wedding Canopy...Trills, quick triplets and wicked chirps help establish the mood.”[A. Elenkrig; A. Statman]. Phillips 1996a, pp. 16-17. (Musical notation and recording references included). 

“The title freylekhs (happy) can refer to the feeling of a piece which is not necessarily intended for dancing... [often] used to accompany the procession to the wedding canopy... [as in] freylekhs fun der khupe (freylekhs from the wedding canopy). At the same time, freylekhs refers to a general dance...” Rubin 1997, p. 18. (Recording references included). 

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