Essica Marks

Ethnomusicologist and researcher
1953 -

Ph.D., Department of Musicology, Bar-Ilan University, thesis: Music and Society in “Aboav” Synagogue in Safed. Researcher at the JMRC: editor of “The Western Sephardi Liturgical Tradition as Sung by Abraham Lopez Cardozo”, producer and editor of “The Bakkashot Singing of Har-Zion Synagogue” (a set of audio-disks due to be published during 2006), co-author with Prof. Edwin Seroussi of the book “Anthology of The Western Sephardi Liturgical Tradition” (in writing), director of the research-project “The Music of the Jerusalem-Sephardi Liturgical tradition” (this research has been conducted since 2001). Lecturer at Safed college. Main topics of interest: The liturgy of Sepharad-Jerusalem tradition, the liturgy of the western-Sephardi tradition, Jewish paraliturgical traditions, Arab music.