Bobes tants (LKT)

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Bobes Tanz [is a dance] for the grandmothers [to perform].” EncyJud 1971, p. 1266

The Bube’s tanz: The grandmother honors the bride and groom with a dance.” Lapson 1943, p. 461

“The bride had her space, where the women quibbled with the girls, [and] there a konter-tants was danced for [the women’s] approval... next: a semele, a tsigayner-tants, [and] a sheyne minke -- this was already done among the grandmothers’ dances, but this [one] was after the khupe.” [Vilna, Lithuania, 1890s]. Matskevits 1893

“When the bride and groom returned from the khupe old women... dance against them with ‘bobe’ [old type of cake]... Hershl Danilevitsh (Poland) (Heri Daniels) in his collection of new paintings brings a portrait (#3) [of the]... ‘semeli dance with challah.’” Rivkind 1960, p. 31

Bobes Tants: Grandmother dance. The grandmothers of the bride and groom dance together.” Roskies and Roskies 1975, p. 232.