Ben-Zion (Yisrael Noach) Kapov-Kagan


Yisrael Noach Kapov-Kagan was born in 1899 in Romania. He began singing from a young age in a number of synagogue choirs, obtaining his first paid position at the age of 26 at the Rostov-on-Don synagogue. Later he enjoyed a position at the prestigious Brody (Brodsky) synagogue in Odessa. As a result of tensions with the Boleshiviks, Yisrael Noach eventually fled Russia for the United States by using the passport of his brother, Ben-Zion, whose name he would retain for the remainder of his life. In the United States, he served as hazzan at the Ocean Parkway Jewish Center in New York, and subsequently at the Concourse Center of Israel in the Bronx, New York. He also served for a period of time as president of the Jewish Ministers and Cantors Association. Kapov-Kagan was well renowned for his expressive interpretations, released many recordings, and performed throughout the US, Canada, and South America. He died on the second day of Rosh Hashanah in 1953.