Bathja [Batya] Bayer

1928 - 1995

Born in Bingen, Germany. Taken to Palestine in 1936. Received a PhD in Musicology at the University of Zurich, and later a earned a librarian's degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Directed the music department in the National Library (1964-1974). Was a lecturer in the Musicology department of the Hebrew University, researcher of the Jewish Music Research Center, and co-editor of Yuval-Studiesof Jewish Music Vol. 1-5.

A pioneer in the interdisciplinary research of Music and Archeology of Near-East ancient civilizations. Conducted an extensive archeological research in Palestine to gather data about the musical instruments and music in Biblical times, trying to understand the musical references found in the Bible and post Biblical writings. Contributed many items to Encyclopedia Judaica.

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