Bacon Family

Family of famous Cantors

Hirsch Leib (1875-1928)  Cantor and composer Born in KolbuszowPoland. Established a choir that sang Hassidic melodies and Psalms in Nowy Sacz, and later officiated as cantor in Chryzanow. He composed many pieces of liturgical music.

Israel Bacon (1910-1943) Cantor Born in Chryzanow, son of Hirsch Leib Bacon. Appeared as a singer around Europe, officiated as cantor in Czechoslovakia. He was meant to work as cantor in Cracow when WWII broke out in which he perished in a concentration camp.

Shlomo Reuven Bacon (1899-1986) Cantor Born in Tchekova (near Chryzanow), officiated as cantor in London and South-Africa.

Yidel Bacon (1886-1954) Cantor Born in Kolbuszow, officiated as cantor in Lancut, Galicia and later in New York. Composed sections of the prayer service, some of which have been published.

Source: Encyclopedia Judaica.