Tipat Mazal (A Bit of Luck)

Tipat Mazal (A Bit of Luck)
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This film is directed by and stars Ze'ev Ravach. It is about Zuzu, a popular Jewish Moroccan singer and the hardships that he and his daughter Vivi entail when they immigrate to Israel. Revach and Zehava Ben, who plays the grown up Vivi, each sing a variety of songs during the course of the film. Revach sings in both Hebew and in Judeo-Moroccan. In of the scenes that takes place in Morocco at a wedding,  he sings Abiadi Yana, a popular Moroccan song that is usually sung during Henna ceremonies at Moroccan weddings. 

More information on Abiadi Yana is provided at the JMRC's October, 2013 Song of the Month


Low quality video from the film with Revach singing a few songs in Morrocan at a wedding starting with the song Abiadi Yana:


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