Yiddish songs

Bar Mitzvah

Directed by Henry Lynn

Believing his wife lost at sea, Israel remarries a scheming gold-digger. Shock, tears and laughs abound when his beloved wife returns on the eve of her son's bar mitzvah after a ten-year absence. Starring Yiddish theater superstar Boris Thomashefsky in his only film performance, this musical melodrama is a masterwork of shund, the bread and butter of the Yiddish theater.

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Photo taken from the National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University

In Ale Gasn\ Hey Hey Daloy Politsey

In honor of May Day, this month's song of the month is a Yiddish song about the political struggles of Jewish socialists, communists, and even anarchists, in Russia and Poland since the ending of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The song is actually a combination of two songs, arranged by Zalman Mlotek, musician, conductor, arranger and an authority in Yiddish folk and theater music.

Yiddish art songs :‎ a comparative study and analysis of selected works of three composers representing Russia, America and Israel

Dissertation. The three studied composers are: Moses-Mikhail Milner, Lazar Weiner and Ami Maayani.

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