Yiddish songs

Morris Rosenfeld

Yiddish poet

Morris Rosenfeld, born as Moshe Jacob Alter in 1862 in Stare Boksze, in Suwałki County, part of Russian Poland. Morris came from a family of fishermen. He was educated at Boksha, Suwalki, and Warsaw, where his family moved in 1876. He married Asna Beile and was the father of two daughters, Freidel and Reisel and a son, Yosef. As the situation grew more dire in Poland, Rosenfeld left to earn a living abroad. After working in Amsterdam as a diamond cutter and in London as a tailor, he emigrated to New York in 1886, where he would also work as a tailor. 


Mordechai Yardeni (Motl Sherman)

cantor, composer, music critic, playwright, songwriter, and lecturer.

Mordechai Yardeni was Born as Motl Sherman in 1906 in the town of Slovechno (Volyn province of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine). His father, Chaim Sherman, was a shochet (a ritual slaughterer), a baal-tefila (cantor), and a teacher of Gemarra. His mother, Malka, came from a family of wealthy contractors. 


Shmuel Zanvel Pipe

Yiddish folklorist

Shmuel Zanvel Pipe was born in 1907 in Sanok, central Galicia, Poland. Pipe learned the tailoring trade from his father. He was active in the youth organization Ha-Shomer ha-Tsair, advancing to the position of youth leader and educator. He became an enthusiastic collector for the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in Vilna, submitting Yiddish folktales and songs, children’s games, and other folklore materials.