Yiddish songs

Le Blues du Yiddish

Directed by Sylvie Anne Goldberg and Alex Szalat
This film is about Yiddish culture in Paris. The soundtrack features Yiddish songs and there are also performances of songs such as, David Meyerovitz's Vos Geven is Geven Un Mito and Jennie Goldstein and Morris Rund's Ikh Bin a Mame. Both are performed by Talila, the Jewish French singer and actress.

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The Unfortunate Bride

Directed by Maurice Schwartz

This 1926 silent film was re-edited and had dialogue and music added to it in 1932. It's theme is similar to many other Yiddish films of that era. It is about the conflict between the traditional and modern ways of life that greeted Jewish immigrants upon their arrival in America.

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