Alicia Benassayag Bendayan

Ladino Singer

Courtney Blue

The Jewish Music Research Centre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem mourns the passing of Moroccan Jewish folk singer Alicia (Benassayag) Bendayan on Friday, June 11, 2021, just weeks before her 99th birthday on June 29. Throughout Alicia’s long life, she treasured within her memory the Judeo-Spanish songs of the North Moroccan Sephardic community, playing a substantial role in the documentation of this repertoire during an impressive period spanning seventy years. 


Judeo-Spanish Moroccan Songs for the Life Cycle

An introduction to the folk songs of the Judeo-Spanish speaking Jewish communities of northern Morocco. The book contains the music and full Judeo-Spanish text (with English and Hebrew annotations) of fifty songs for circumcision and childhood, Bar-Mitzvah, courtship and marriage, death and mourning songs. Accompanied by a CD, catalogued separately: Judeo-Spanish Moroccan Songs for the Life Cycle.

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Gesaenge de Juden auf der Insel Djerba (Posthumous Works, II)

The original German version of the epoch-making monograph by Robert Lachmann (published originally in 1942 in English without musical examples and photographs) on the musical culture of the venerable Jewish community from the Island of Djerba, off the southern coast of Tunisia. Reaching far beyond this specific case, which served Lachmann as a kind of pilot project, the book has become a model that scholars may find applicable to other issues in ethnomusicology.

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