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The Multiple Voices of American Klezmer


Since the 1970s, klezmer has undergone a revival and radical transformation. Originally a European Jewish music, klezmer is now a staple of the world music scene. Although the fusion of instrumental and vocal genres under a single musical umbrella is a significant marker of change between the Old World and revived klezmer repertories, the extension of the boundaries of the klezmer repertory to encompass vocal material has largely been overlooked by practitioners and scholars.

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Zemirot Zevulun

Kwartin’s improvisations on traditional synagogue melodies were recorded and transcribed for the three volume collection, Zemirot Zevulun, which was released in two parts; the first two volumes in 1928 and a supplementary volume T’fillot Zevulun in 1938. The collection includes complete musical liturgy for weekday Minchah, Maariv, Kabbalat Shabbat, Shaharit and Musaf.

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