Salah El Kuweiti

Jewish-Iraqi composer and violinist

Iraqi composer and violinist, Salah El Kuweiti was born to Iraqi parents in Kuwait, and taken to Iraq when he was 17. He played violin, sang, composed, and achieved great musical fame in Iraq together with his brother, Daoud, who played the 'ud. Salah El Kuweiti performed “mainstream” and other Middle Eastern styles but reportedly preferred Iraqi style. He was very important to Baghdadi musical life – headed the Iraqi broadcasting channel ensemble and programmed its music for several years.

Iraq, 1938. Salah El Kuweiti standing second from the right. Taken from

Mark Isakovich Rabinovich

Violinist and Conductor

Mark Rabinovich was Born in 1870 in the town of Zdvyzhensk (Kiev province of the Russian Empire; now Brusilov, Ukraine). He studied music under the guidance of his grandfather, the klezmer violinist and composer Israel-Moishe Rabinovich.

In 1937-1938 he was the head of the State Ensemble of Jewish Folk Music of the Ukrainian SSR. The ensemble performed on the radio and toured Ukraine and Belarus, Moldova, and Crimea.

Mark Isakovich Rabinovich died in Kiev in 1940.

1870- 1940