Gesaenge de Juden auf der Insel Djerba (Posthumous Works, II)

The original German version of the epoch-making monograph by Robert Lachmann (published originally in 1942 in English without musical examples and photographs) on the musical culture of the venerable Jewish community from the Island of Djerba, off the southern coast of Tunisia. Reaching far beyond this specific case, which served Lachmann as a kind of pilot project, the book has become a model that scholars may find applicable to other issues in ethnomusicology.

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Songs of the Jews of the island of Djerba: A comparison between two surveys, Hara Sghira (1929) and Hara Kebira (1976)

Comparison of a study of the songs of the Hara Kebira (large Jewish quarter) with Robert Lachmann's study of 30 years earlier of those of the Hara Sghira (small Jewish quarter) reveals that the Jews of Djerba adopted musical traditions common to other societies that served their particular cultural needs.

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