Se il violinista cade dal tetto… L’Italia nel revival della “musica klezmer” [If the Fiddler Falls Off the Roof… Italy in the “Klezmer Music” Revival]

Examines the popularity of klezmer music in Italy, where it has become synonymous with Jewishness and denotes a musical culture that is believed to live in a transnational and multicultural world outside of history. Recent scholarship on the definition and history of traditional klezmer repertoires is reviewed, and general trends in the klezmer revival are described.

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Invention individuelle et tradition collective dans la musique juive de Hongrie

Also in: Musicological Studies 3 (1980): 139-58. Interviews made during field work in Hungary and Czechoslovakia illustrate the emic concepts about musical composition in Ashkenazic Jewish music. The concepts differ considerably with regard to various styles within the tradition. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that Hassidic nigumim are original inventions of composers from Hassidic courts.

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