Aron Marko Rothmüller

Baritone, composer, voice teacher and author of Croatian-Jewish origin

Born in Trnjani (Austro-Hungarian Empire; a small locality near Slavonski Brod, today southern Croatia). Studied in Zagreb and Vienna (1928-1932), was a distinguished opera singer, and performed across Europe. Following Nazi persecution he settled in Zurich in 1935. Immigrated to the USA in 1955, where he taught voice at Indiana University.


Arnold Schoenberg

Composer, teacher and theorist

Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian-born composer and music theorist. He developed the twelve-tone technique, and is widely considered one of the most influential composers of the 20th century.

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Josef Tal (Gruenthal)

Composer, pianist & teacher

Josef Tal (b. Pine, Germany 1910 - Jerusalem 2008, immigrated in 1934), composer, pianist, conductor, and lecturer, has gained an exceptional reception in the last decades. As one of the most published local composers, about 100 of his pieces have been published by the Israel Music Institute. He was the most distinctive among the first generation of composers who principally opposed the use of folklorism and orientalism. This may have reflected his education in Berlin in the late 1920's, where he was immensely influenced by the Second Viennese school.


Joshua Weisser (Pilderwasser)

Cantor & composer

Joshua Samuel Weisser (Pilderwasser) was born in 1888 in Novaya Ushitsa, Ukraine. As a child, Weisser was exposed to the tradition of Hassidic melodies and Hebrew zemirot through his father Aba Pilderwasser. Weisser began his formal musical education with the local hazzan of Novata Ushitsa, who taught him solfege and sight singing. He participated in many local synagogue choirs, studying under notable chazzanim such as Eliezer Gerovich.


Max Spicker

Conductor, composer and teacher

Born in Köngisberg, Germany, and immigrated to the US in 1882. After settling in New York, he worked as a conductor for the Beethoven Mannerchor, served as director and instructor at the Brooklyn Conservatory, was an instructor at the National Conservatory, and served choirmaster at Temple Emanuel (1898-1910). He also worked for the publisher G. Schirmer, where he edited many musical anthologies. Spicker has written music for the synagogue, as well as choral and orchestral works.


Zalman Polak

Cantor, composer and teacher of Ashkenazi prayer and cantorial music

1901: Born in Yugoslavia.

1919: Immigrated to Israel with his mother.

1920: Injured in the riots in Jerusalem.

1921: Invited to serve as cantor in The Great Synagogue, (Beit ha-Knesset ha-Gadol) of Rishon LeZion.

1922: Returned to his homeland to recover, to serve time in the military, and to complete his training as a cantor. He finished his cantorial education with cantor Yehuda Lieb Miller in Vienna, and with Josef Baser Mesobotitza. During this time he was active with the Organization of Yugoslavian Cantors.