La Galana: A Very Old-New Sephardic Song 

The 78rpm recordings that are still emerging from archives around the world offer unique vistas on past musical cultures. These findings show the extent to which repertoires of traditional music have evolved in the century or more since commercial recordings became a widespread product. Notably, the old recordings show, among many other matters, that widely popular songs from the turn of the 20th century are absent from late 20th century revivalist trends of these same repertoires. The Ladino or Judeo-Spanish song repertoire is an exemplary example of this phenomenon.

R. Joseph Shalom Gallego Author of Imrei No’am: A Cantor from Saloniki in Early 17th-century Amsterdam; with Annotations on the Poets, the Poems by Joseph Shalom Gallego and an Analytical Index by Tova Beeri

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Articles in Journals

Alberto Hemsi, Coplas Sefardies (SMR Bresler Collection)


Al ruido de una fuente
Dia de alhad
Sentada en mi ventana
Alevantex vos toronja
Una matica de ruda
Tres hermanicas
Ah! el novio no quere dinero!
Estávase la mora en su bel estar
Durme, durme, hermoso donzella
El rey por muncha madruga
Como la rosa en la güerta
Dicha me avian dicho
Arboles lloran por luvia
Ya salió de la mar la galana!

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