Cançons sefardites (SMR Bresler Collection)


Noches, noches, buenas noches
Avrix mi galanica
Ven querida
Pregoneros van y vienen
A la una nací yo
Paxarico tú te llamas
Ya salió de la mar la galana
Adío querida
Mi suegra la negra
Cuatro años d'amor
Aquel conde
Una tarde fresquita de mayo
Tres hijas tiene'l buen rey
Don Amadí
Lavava y suspirava
Morena me llaman
De las altas mares

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The Concept of Mode in European Synagogue Chant

The article deals with research of the "Adonai Malach" Steiger using 30 melodies representing an existing tradition. "Adonai Malach"'s scale, motives, the motives' function, placement and the Steiger's "ethos" are all examined. The Steiger proves to be an extraordinary phenomenon in European music but there is an obvious similarity to the melodic structure of Eastern music in the past and present.

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Romancing the Romance: Perceptions (and Boundaries) of the Judeo-Spanish Ballad

During the past decade or so, the Judeo-Spanish romance has enjoyed a rise in popularity. Throughout this period there have been discrepancies between the approaches of performers and scholars, an occurrence by no means peculiar to Judeo-Spanish song, but one that is potentially instructive.

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Articles in Books