Hebrew Writings Concerning Music in Manuscripts and Printed Books from Geonic Times up to 1800


An annotated compilation of texts in Hebrew characters (Aramaic, Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic) on the theory, technique, philosophy, and ethics of music from early medieval to early modern periods. The texts are independent bibliographic units, chapters or sections from larger works about other subjects. Each text is superbly edited with references to its sources and a bibliography. Includes detailed indices that assist in cross relating the different texts.

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Problems in the Study of Jewish Music


Surveys problems in the research of Jewish music, from historical and methodological points of view, and suggests ways of improvement. It is an extract of the opening keynote address to the one of the most ecumenical congresses on Jewish music held after WWII. It delineates the future challenges of the field, with emphasis on the assembly of documentation. It does not problematize Jewish music but takes it for granted.

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Articles in Books

Esther Sheinberg


Esti Sheinberg is an independent scholar. Her fields of research include Music signification, Irony and ambiguity in music, Humor in Music, the Music of Dmitrii Shostakovich, Musical acculturation, Musical Cultural Units, Musical Space as Cultural Unit, Jewish Immigrant Musicians 1910-1950, and the Ethics of Music Aesthetics. Her latest research focuses on Existential Irony in Music.


Efraim Yaakov

Ethnographer and Historian of Yemen Jewry

Efraim Yaakov was born in 1953 and raised in Nahariya, to a family from Hogeriya in Yemen. He completed his academic degrees in the Department of History and Philosophy at the Hebrew University, where he served as an assistant to Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz. He wrote the M.A. and his doctoral dissertations on Kabbalah among Yemeni Jews under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Idel. In addition to his academic studies, he studied halakha with two of the greatest rabbis of Yemeni Jewry in Israel: Mary Yosef Kapach and Mary Chaim Yahya Sinwani.

1953- 2015

Joseph Singer


Born in Hilnik, Hungary, officiated as cantor in Beuthen, Nurnberg and Vienna (where he succeeded Salomon Sulzer). He published numerous studies on Jewish music and was among the first to investigate prayer chants scientifically, in an attempt to systemize the traditional prayer modes.