Alexander Tansman

Polish composer

Born in Lodz, Poland, studied music in his hometown and in Warsaw. Moved to Paris in 1921, spent WWII (1941-1946) in the US, but returned to Paris in 1946. Tansman incorporated Jewish elements into his works and was influenced by the neo-classical style.

Sources: Abravanel, Claude, and Yulia Kreinin. "Tansman, Alexander." Encyclopaedia Judaica.

Picture from Polish Music Center

Moshe Taube


Born in Cracow, Poland. After the holocaust, he immigrated to Palestine, where he worked as a cantor in Tel- Aviv. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1957, and officiated as cantor in New York and later in Pittsburg. Taube developed a unique style as a cantor and composed original melodies for prayers.

Sources: Encyclopedia Judaica, FAU Libraries website. Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. 


Jozef Koffler

Polish composer

Born in Stryj and studied music in Lvov (1914-1916) and in Vienna (1918-1924). From 1928, worked in Lvov as a teacher, and under the Soviet occupation was promoted to management positions in several music institutions. Died during the holocaust in an unknown time and place. His style was influenced by the avant-garde, but under Soviet pressure, he turned to more mainstream composition.