The Reading of Marka’s Poems by the Samaritans on the Sabbath (Hebrew)

Shlomo Hofman

Joseph Papernikoff

Yiddish poet

Joseph Papernikoff was born in the late 1990s (1897 or 1899) in the Russian city of Warsaw, Poland. He was the son of Malka nee Zorgenstein and Shmuel Papernikoff, a butcher, one of the first members of the Hovevei Zion party, an educated and Zionist activist. Joseph Papernikoff received a traditional education in the 'cheder', and then studied in a Russian Real Gymnasium.

1897 -1993

Isaac Eliyahu Navon

Israeli-Turkish Poet, writer and composer

Isaac Eliyahu Navon was born in Adrianpole (today Edirne) on May 17, 1859. His father, Rabbi Eliyahu Navon, was one of the Jewish intellectuals and public figures in Adrianpole, a city which had, from the seventeenth century until WWI, one of the most prosperous communities of Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman Empire.