oud player

Armand Sabah

Oud player & Expert in the musical tradition of Morocco and Algeria

Armand Sabah was born in 1952 in Marrakesh, Morocco, and immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 10 years old. His father's family was musical and was related to the famous Moroccan singer and composer, Sami Elmagribi. His father's great love for music was expressed not only in the music that was always heard at home but also in the many discs that he bought at every possible opportunity. Thus, from infancy Sabah absorbed Moroccan’s music different styles.

born 1952

Ezra Aharon ("Azuri")

Composer, singer and 'ud player

Ezra Aharon ("Azuri") (Bhagdad, 1903 – 1995, immigrated to Israel in 1935) was an outstanding composer, ‘ud player, singer, conductor, and performer of Arab art music. He was student of Tanburi Ibrahim Bey in Iraq and was recording both Iraqi and Egyptian styles by 1929. He was the prizewinner for the ‘ud at the 1932 International Congress of Oriental Music, Cairo.