New York

Jakie jazz 'em up Old Time Klezmer Music 1912-1926


Produced by Harry Sapoznik and Michael Schlesinger. This album includes reissues of 13 78-rpm recordings originally made in New York between 1912-1926:
1. Mazl Tov Mekhutonim
2. Doina
3. Mamaliga
4. Sheyne Yugend Vals
5. Der Mesader Kedushin
6. Der Gasn Nign
7. Odessa Bulgar
8. Freitog Nokn'n Tsimes
9. Yidishe Doina /Jewish Eastern Melody
10. Koylyn
11. Oy, Vi Shayn
12. Dem Rebin's Husid

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Funny, it doesn’t sound Jewish : how Yiddish songs and synagogue melodies influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood

An attempt to demonstrate the deep layers of "JM" embedded in the popular American song by analyzing a plethora of examples showing the presence of innuendos, motives, paraphrases or flat quotations of music deriving from "authentic" Jewish repertoires (mostly liturgucal).

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Music education in Jewish schools of metropolitan New York

Doctoral dissertation from Columbia University Teachers College. Music education in Jewish schools reveals a situation representative of many private institutions. Jewish schools are usually small, face financial problems, and suffer schedule constraints due to the combination of secular and religious studies. In such schools the program is usually confined to singing and public performance. The author recommends increased time for music programs, and improved facilities and curricula.

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