Curt Sachs

American musicologist of German birth, founders of modern organology

Born in Berlin, Sachs studied piano, music theory and composition as a youth in that city. He began a career as an art historian, but promptly became more devoted to music, eventually being appointed director of the Staatliche Instrumentensammlung, a large collection of musical instruments. He reorganised and restored much of the collection, and his career as an organologist began. In 1933, following Nazi persecution, Sachs moved to Paris, and later to the United States, where he settled in New York City.


Esther Sheinberg


Esti Sheinberg is an independent scholar. Her fields of research include Music signification, Irony and ambiguity in music, Humor in Music, the Music of Dmitrii Shostakovich, Musical acculturation, Musical Cultural Units, Musical Space as Cultural Unit, Jewish Immigrant Musicians 1910-1950, and the Ethics of Music Aesthetics. Her latest research focuses on Existential Irony in Music.


Walter Salmen

German musicologist

Walter Salmen was born in 1926, in Paderborn, Germany.

His career as a musicologist began after studying musicology, history, philosophy, composition, and organ at the University of Heidelberg, at the church music institute there, and after completing his doctorate in 1949 at the University of Münster.

1926 - 2013

Martin Ruhnke

German musicologist

Martin Ruhnke was a German musicologist. His main areas of research were the music theory of early baroque music, Italian baroque opera and the life and work of Georg Philipp Telemann.

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1921 - 2004

Michal Smoira-Cohn

Israeli Musicologist

Born in Tel Aviv, Michal Smoira-Cohn studied at the Palestine Academy of Music (graduated 1947), and later at Uppsala University in Sweden (1956-1958). Among her many activities in Israel's music scene are, to name a few: Editor of Bat Kol magazine; director of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra; music critic for Ha'aretz newspaper; and lecturer at Tel Aviv University and at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. Her writings discuss subjects such as Israeli folksongs, and various phases in the history of Jewish music.


Picture by Etan J. Tal, under CC license.