Alexander Weprik


Born in Balta (today Ukraine), and studied at conservatories in Leipzig, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. Later taught at the Moscow Conservatory (1924-1942). His compositions include orchestral and choral works as well as chamber music, some which contain Jewish themes.


Robert Starer


Born in Vienna, and came to Palestine after the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany. After serving in the British Air Force, he settled in the U.S. where he taught at several academies. As a composer, Starer wrote music for ballet, opera, concerti, and in several other styles and genres. His compositions include works with Jewish themes or Hebrew texts, such as: Kohelet, Sabbath Eve Service, among others.


Max Spicker

Conductor, composer and teacher

Born in Köngisberg, Germany, and immigrated to the US in 1882. After settling in New York, he worked as a conductor for the Beethoven Mannerchor, served as director and instructor at the Brooklyn Conservatory, was an instructor at the National Conservatory, and served choirmaster at Temple Emanuel (1898-1910). He also worked for the publisher G. Schirmer, where he edited many musical anthologies. Spicker has written music for the synagogue, as well as choral and orchestral works.