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Embrace me

Documentary. The film follows Jo Amar, a liturgical poet, singer and composer, a unique personality who reflects the beauty of North African Jewry. In the film we will experience stages of his life and take him back to the regions of his youth, the exotic landscapes of Morocco. The film tracks the story of his Aliyah to Israel, his first steps in the world of Israeli music, the recordings and performances around the world.
Director: Shaul Meislish
Length: 48 min.

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Ya salio de la mar': Judeo-Spanish wedding songs among Moroccan Jews in Canada

Sephardic music is broadly devided along gender lines into the lithurgical/paralithurgical (men's repertoire) secular (women's repertoire). Wedding songs are the repertoire most specific to women. The songs examined were sung by women of Moroccan origin now residing in Montreal.
The book was originally published in 1987 as Contributions in Women's Studies No. 79 by Greenwood Press Inc. Westport, CT. OR NEW YORK?????? (check)

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