The Jewish Songster

A collection of songs edited by the Goldfarb brothers- Israel and Samuel Eliezer. This collection was part of their joint endeavor in the education of the American Jewish youth. Their songsters contained songs suited for public singing, which was asked for by the younger modern generation. This particular songster was prepared for use in Jewish religious schools, and it contains only the words of songs.

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Cancionero Sefardí de Turquía (SMR Bresler Collection)

Yo le mandi a mi novio
Cuatro muchachicas
De día en día
Ya viene la tasa
Un dicho me tienes dicho
Las de la novia
Y mires mi hija
Los caminos de Serkiği
Una tadre de enverano
Esto quien lo culpa
Oh, qué hermosa hija
Al kahl me entrí
Si queres saber
Más ariba y más ariba
Así bivas el soldado
De las altas mares
Q'amanezca, q'amanezca

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Cantiques de Salomon Rossi

One of Naumbourg’s important contributions to the development of Jewish music was his work on the modern edition of Salomon de Rossi’s Ha-Shirim Asher li-Shelomo. Naumbourg went to great lengths to collect all of the parts of Rossi’s score which were scattered throughout several libraries in Western Europe. Once the entire score was in his possession, Naumbourg edited the material and released 30 of the 33 original pieces under the title Cantiques de Salomon Rossi

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