Mizrahi Music

Dudu Tassa

Israeli rock musician, singer and songwriter

David "Dudu" Tassa is an Israeli rock musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer of Mizrahi Jewish descent. Besides having had a successful solo career in Israel, Tassa has been the leader of the internationally acclaimed band Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis which plays new renditions of old Iraqi and Kuwaiti songs written and composed by Tassa's late grandfather and great-uncle, Daoud and Salih Al-Kuwaity.


Yehiel 'Adaki

Jewish Yemenite singer who worked for the conservation of Yemenite singing in Palestine and Israel
Yehiel 'Adaki was born in Manakhah in 1903 to Aharon and Margalit 'Adaki. The family originated from Sana'a, but Yehiel's paternal grandfather left due to starvation in Sana'a, and worked in the Herez region as a goldsmith...