Neglected sources for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Synagogue Music: The Prefaces to Louis Lewandowski's Kol Rinnah U't'fillah and Todah W'simrah. Annotated Translations

The core of the article is a translation from the German of Lewandowski’s prefaces to his major works of synagogue music. Unfortunately omitted from the editions currently printed by Sacred Music Press, the prefaces provide invaluable material on the evolution of these works, the aims of the composer, and his ideas on synagogue music and hazzanut. The introduction to the article takes issue with aspects of the accounts of Lewandowski found and repeated in the literature.

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Hebrew Notated Manuscript Sources up to Circa 1840: A Descriptive and Thematic Catalogue with a Checklist of Printed Sources


Analytical catalogue of all musical notations of JM (mostly liturgical) from the Genizah fragments (13th century) to 1840, a date in which printed JM started to appear in growing numbers. Extensive indices allow for the easy retrieval of information including melodies.


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Le traite anonyme du manuscrit hebreu 1037 de la Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris

This article is a translation and adaption of an article in Latin dealing mainly with "Musica Plana" by Yehuda ben Rabbi Yizchak. The article includes a definition of music and an explanation of the Guidonian Hand system, hexachords and mutations, the seven melodic interval, the eight modes, mensural notation, the monochord. The article describes music theory prevalent since the 12th century, it was probably written in the 14th century in Southern France.

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