The Soul Chai


1. a) Yugent-Himen b) Zog Nit Keyn Mol
2. Jiddish Tango
3. a) Rivkele, di Shabesdike b) Der Hoyfzinger Fun Varshever Getto
4. Mode Ani
5. a) Oyf Eybik Unser Lebn b) Yisrolik
6. a) Main Shikhelekh Varfoylt b) Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh
7. a) Minutn fun Bitokhen b) Es Shlogt Di Sho
8. Tefilati
9. Friling
10. Follow the Klezmer's Light
11. Zelbike Gasn
12. Tsen Brider
13. Shtiler, Shtiler

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Contemporary Ashkenazi Synagogue Music in Israel: Some Aspects of Change in a Relocated Tradition


Adapted from a lecture given at the 14th WCJS, 2005, this article is not a conclusive statement of findings but rather as a provisional report of research currently being done on Ashkenazi prayer nusach in Israeli synagogues. A few examples of musical change are given and analyzed in terms of their musical and social meaning. The wider context of the encounter between eastern and western European traditions in Israel is also referred to.

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Embrace me

Documentary. The film follows Jo Amar, a liturgical poet, singer and composer, a unique personality who reflects the beauty of North African Jewry. In the film we will experience stages of his life and take him back to the regions of his youth, the exotic landscapes of Morocco. The film tracks the story of his Aliyah to Israel, his first steps in the world of Israeli music, the recordings and performances around the world.
Director: Shaul Meislish
Length: 48 min.

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La stampa periodica ebraica come fonte per la ricostruzione della vita sinagogale nell’Italia dell’emancipazione [Jewish Press as a Source in Reconstructing Synagogue Life in Italy during the Emancipation]

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Articles in Journals