The Music of the Judeo-Spanish Romancero: Stylistic features

Analyzes the style of 91 examples from the Judeo-Spanish repertoire on the basis of recordings preserved in the National Sound Archive (NSA), Jerusalem. An appendix contains 14 examples together with musical transcriptions (with data on informants and recording sites).

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Federico Consolo

Italian violinist, composer and scholar.
Italian violinist, composer and scholar. Federico Consolo ("Yehiel Nahmani Sefaradi") was born in 1841 in Ancona, Italy. He studied violin and had a career as a violinist, until a nerve injury ended his career. After the injury he devoted himself to composition and research. He published Sefer Shirei Yisrael – Libro dei Canti d'Israele (1892), a work containing traditional tunes of the Sephardic Jews of Italy.