Le-El elim : cantata for two solo voices with B.C.

The piece is a cantata written for the Portuguese-Jewish community in Amsterdam. It is thought to have been used for liturgical purposes. The piece was discovered by Hans Krieg in 1947 in the Portuguese-Jewish library Ets Chaim, in Amsterdam. The style of the piece resembles the Baroque and rococo composers of its time. The cantata consists of four duets and two solos.

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The Most Musical Nation: Jews and Culture in the Late Russian Empire

"No image of prerevolutionary Russian Jewish life is more iconic than the fiddler on the roof. But in the half century before 1917, Jewish musicians were actually descending from their shtetl roofs and streaming in dazzling numbers to Russia’s new classical conservatories. At a time of both rising anti-Semitism and burgeoning Jewish nationalism, how and why did Russian music become the gateway to modern Jewish identity?

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