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The Destruction of a Cultural Tradition in Germany: Organs and Organ Music in the Synagogue

Retrieved from: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Research: Bibliographies Describes the fate of Jewish organists and organ music under the Nazis, culminating in the destruction of over 200 synagogue organs on Kristallnacht. Includes brief obituaries for 22 organists and composers who died in the Holocaust.

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Musica Judaica: Journal of the American Society for Jewish Music

The journal presents scholarly as well as semi-popular papers on various aspects of Jewish music. The aim of the Society is “to raise the standards of composition and performance in Jewish music, both liturgical and secular... to encourage research in all areas of Jewish sponsor performances of new and rarely heard commission new works of Jewish interest... to establish links with students and faculty at academic institutions. . .

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המורשה המוסיקלית של קהילות ישראל [The Musical Heritage of the Jewish Communities]

The publication is meant for self-study and it serves as a course on Jewish music for students of Everyman's University. Each unit is written by a different author, but all are edited by the main contributor.

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