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LeChadesh Orhot KeKedem

Avraham Zigman is a songwriter and composer who composed many well known Israeli songs such as Elad Yarad El HaYarden and MeDarom Tiftach HaTeshuva. This film from the 1970's interviews him and his acquaintances in regards to his becoming a Baal Teshuva. During the course of the film he performs a few different songs, both his compositions and religious melodies.

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LeBelibo Agas VeGam Tapuach

This musical television special, hosted by Ehud Manor and conducted and arranged by Matti Caspi, features prominent Israeli singers performing popular Israeli songs that were inspired and taken from Russian folksongs. The performers include, Matti Caspi, Leah Shabbat, Simah A'miel, Shlomi Shabbat, Boaz Sharabi and Ofira Yosephi.

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Video still taken from the Youtube video of Tov Lalakhet Badrakhim


Directed by Menahem Golan

Kazablan is an Israeli musical starring Yehoram Gaon and is an Israeli take on Romeo and Juliette.

More information can be found at the National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University website.

The popular song Kol HaKavod from the film

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Yehoram Gaon in Kazablan. Photo taken from Wikipedia