Hazzanim - Cantors

די חזנים וועלט, חודש ארגאן פון אגודת החזניםאין פוילן The World of the Hazzanim (Cantors)

The monthly organ of the Association of Cantors in Poland, 1933-36. During the years 1936-39 it appeared under the name was Di Shuhl un die Chasanim Welt, The Synagogue and the World of the Hazzanim. The journal contained articles in Yiddish and in Hebrew.

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The Cantor: an Historical Perspective: a Study of the Origin, Communal Position and Function of the Hazzan


Traces the origins and development of the office of the synagogue cantor, a central position in the musical life of any Jewish community. The author draws from sources attesting the functions and duties of the cantor, as well as attitudes towards him, from early rabbinical to early modern writings

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