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Bernardo Feuer

Bernardo Feuer was born on May 1st, 1910 in Lemberg [Lviv], a city then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire but now in Ukraine. He was the son of Mordechai [Markos] Feuer and of Rojme [Roshme] Pese, who died when Feuer was a child. His father worked as the caretaker of a synagogue and the family had four children: Alter, Miriam, Isaac and the youngest, Bernardo.

May 1, 1910 - November 23, 1967
Bernardo Feuer

Omanut ha-Hazzanut

This collection is the main work of cantor and composer Abraham Ber Birnbaum. It is a treatment of liturgical music for Cantor and choir, and consists of two volumes: The first volume contains recitatives and responsory prayers, and chapters of choir for Shabbat's prayers. The second volume is dedicated to the High Holidays prayers. The collection has much enriched the synagogue music of the time.

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